Water battle!

This week’s #colour_collective colour was Fire Engine Red:

'Water battle!', #colour_collective colour Fire Engine Red: pencil 4B, black pigment liner 0.05, watercolours, mixed media paper made from 90% bamboo fibre and 10% rag, 24cmx32cm, 265 g/sqm
‘Water battle!’, #colour_collective colour Fire Engine Red: pencil 4B, black pigment liner 0.05, watercolours, mixed media paper made from 90% bamboo fibre and 10% rag, 24cmx32cm, 265 g/sqm

Cycle of Growth #growjune

Sequel of ‘Wind’ and ‘Raindrops’ from Twitter’s #movemay.

Water returning to the sky and growing back into a cloud.

'Cycle of Growth' for Twitter's #growjune. Pigment liner 0.8, 0.3 on tracing paper over pencil sketch
‘Cycle of Growth’ for Twitter’s #growjune. Pigment liner 0.8, 0.3 on tracing paper over pencil sketch
First go on inking using tracing paper over 'Wind' sketch
 Wind – Inking
Wind and Rain - Ink
Wind and Rain – Inking

Yes I can get up here!

I’ve been using Twitter’s #movemay opportunity to add movement to my two girl characters.

These two little girls were born during the #drawingaugust art challenge on Twitter in 2013.

Quite by coincidence, actually. No intention behind it.

Now, they keep popping up in my creative work and have become a part of me.

'Yes I can get up here!' Climbing out the Water: Pencil sketch for #movemay on Twitter
‘Yes I can get up here!’ Climbing out of the Water: Pencil sketch for #movemay on Twitter

So I keep developing them further.

These drawings might just add up to illustrate a children’s book, I just need to find the right words…


The Jump

I did not get around to ink yesterday’s sketch ‘The Chase’ but, I did manage to do a sequel for today.

Jump.jpgPencil sketch for Twitter’s #movemay art challenge

While busy with this sketch I kept thinking that I am looking forward to Summer!

Swimming Fun and The Chase

For Twitter’s #movemay challenge I decided to focus on bringing more movement into my characters and drawings – allowing the illustrations to become more lively.

I discovered the May Twitter challenge (initiated by Artist&Designer Anthony Greentree; @antsgreentree) on the evening of May 1st.

Yesterday, I joined in on the challenge.

The first one
Swimming Fun & Water Phobia

20140503-225125.jpg5 minutes pencil sketch for #movemay art challenge on Twitter

The second one
The Chase

20140503-225333.jpgPencil sketch, wish to exercise inking with this one tomorrow

I will definitely try to create and post daily.

The wonderful thing about these Twitter art challenges is the deadline in ones neck – in this case a daily deadline.

No matter how busy we are with other things, somehow, we are more likely to find – or make time – to create some more art than without a deadline.

The other nice thing about these Twitter art challenges is, it is inspiring to see what other artists create under any given theme.

Lucky Koi

Transformational times can be quite challenging and chaotic. Often, they even tend to be frightening, because of their unpredictable nature. Letting go of the old is hard when the new is yet unknown.

Luckily, experience shows time and again, that we actually do land on our feet. Yet the ground we land on might be other than expected. But, even if not evident upon landing, in the long run, the outcome is usually even better than expected.

In any case we all are walking the journey of life with more or lesser challenges. Circumstances arrive and disappear and may not always be influenced by our own efforts. But, let us say we wake up to a rainy day. Well, we can be as grumpy at the weather as we like, it will not change the rain from coming down. So why not decide to be happy despite the rain? The only thing we actually can influence at any point in our lives is – after all – our own attitude. The key to being able to influence our own attitude and with it our life’s colours, is awareness.

Feng Shui is one of the great ways to practice ones awareness. The way we pay attention to our e.g. home, office, environment, and clothes gives us a lot of insight into our conscious as well as unconscious behaviour and thought patterns.

Despite our efforts to stay aware, we often lose awareness and certain areas of our lives become neglected. Much time can pass before we actually realise it. This is usually reflected in how we (do not) organise our living space. Bad habits sneak in, colours fade, corners get dusty, clothes get tired, purses and wallets get worn out, things get forgotten and clutter is gathered in the most amazing spaces. These are signs for necessary awareness trainings.

It is a great habit to declutter from time to time, to redecorate and to harmonise each and every area of one’s life time and again. In those parts of our lives, where we feel that things are not quite happening as anticipated, we might want to pay attention to that particular area in our home or office.

So, being currently very busy with rearranging my home, from painting walls, restoring furniture and frames, decluttering cupboards, shelves, the attic and cellar there is not much time left to work on my art project and for #paintseptember on Twitter. But art can be used as a wonderful way to enhance the chi of our homes and life.

Among other areas, I wanted to in particular enhance my life path area and painted two Koi fish swimming upstream. Before painting, I meditated well upon each detail of my life path and how I wanted it to improve and how the relevant elements involved should support each other. No line nor colour was a coincidence. The painting is now hanging on the wall and already bringing about a positive effect with a huge and wonderful transformation taking place.

Lucky Koi, Acrylic on canvas, width 50 cm

Drawing August Day 13

Today the lakeside was beautifully tranquil. The harmony in the atmosphere was hypnotising. I decided to stop with my bicycle and sit on a little stairway that led into the lake. What a rare and great opportunity to enjoy a moment of peace and solitude, I thought to myself. I sat silently and observed ducks and swans passing by with hopeful eyes that I might have some dry bread with me. To their (and my) disappointment I had no treats with me. The water was crystal clear and the sun highlighted the softly rounded stones at the bottom of the lake. A perfect moment in time.

After a while, a mother with her daughter appeared beside me. The little girl was very eager to go into the water. She immediately started undressing with a beaming smile. Her mother laughed and asked whether she seriously wanted to go in all the way. The girl nodded enthusiastically and gave me a shy and at the same cheeky smile. It would have been slippery and not an easy undertaking to get into the water from where the were standing so, I made way to the steps.

I stood back and observed mother and daughter. As I watched, I became aware of the highlights and shades in their hair, on their clothes and skin. I also noticed the tiny waves in the pale emerald green water reflecting in the sun like a thousand sparkling diamonds.

The girl was daring and despite the fresh water she did not hold back. Her mother lovingly gave her support as she took a step at a time. Then, holding her daughter by the arms the little girl took a plunge up to her neck and squeaked joyfully. Her eyes sparkled like a million stars in the night sky and from the mother emanated so much tenderness, love, and joy.

This magical scene turned out to be my inspiration for #drawingaugust today. I feel that – in this particular sketch – I was not able to properly portray the depth of beauty I just described. However, this wonderful scene that unfolded before my eyes today is perfect for the series of acrylic on canvas paintings I am working on. I will certainly develop this lovely and heart opening image further. I feel this to be a huge but immensely beautiful challenge. A challenge I look very much forward to.