Inking Exercise No.2: Raindrops

Yesterday was a day of sometimes clouds, sometimes blue skies and sun, and sometimes dark rain clouds with occasional showers.

As a few drops dribbled from the sky I had this image of raindrop characters in my head.

I kept the image with me until I reached home and, upon arrival, I sat down immediately to draw.

I know this sketch is simple, and it did not take me a massive amount of time to make.

But I do hope it is nonetheless enjoyable.

Yesterday’s pencil sketch with raindrop development

Today, I used the sketch for my second inking exercise:

Work progress inking exercise: pencil sketch developing raindrops and improving 'Wind' shape
Work in progress, inking exercise: pencil sketch developing raindrops and improving ‘Wind’ shape

And this is the result:

Finished inking exercise no. 2 for #movemay on Twitter: ‘Dancing Raindrops’

Inking: Wind

I really wanted to try my new wooden nib pen and ink.

I got it for a comic I am working on. But then I thought to maybe use it for the #movemay series: Swimming, The Chase, The Jump and Diving.

But then I thought it was a good idea to first start simple and decided to use the ‘Wind’ sketch from two days ago with tracing paper.

The most difficult proved to be drawing the long and curvy wind lines. I either did not have enough ink to draw the line to the end or the ink wasn’t of the same opacity throughout the line.

Maybe the tracing paper I used is not ideal for ink – but, in any case, this is a technique that requires training.

I believe that I could bring more life into some of my comic sketches once the technique is mastered. Let’s see if I have patience enough to get there.

First go on inking using tracing paper over 'Wind' sketch
First go on inking using tracing paper over ‘Wind’ sketch

Maybe, in the end, I’ll, just use the ink options of Sketchbook Pro. Will certainly not leave me with a black thumb as the nib pen does, and mistakes can be corrected easier.

Then again, it is nice to master various techniques.

However, in times where we are forced to become ‘experts’ of just one trade, one might hesitate.

How does the saying go? Jack of all trades, master of none? Of course!

I believe Leonardo Da Vinci is laughing at this saying from the Heavens!

And I am convinced that the capacity of a human being is largely underestimated!

When and how did this negative connotation come about, anyway?!

I think our world could use a Renaissance revival. It would make it a far more interesting place with a lot more happy and creative people. What do you think?

The Jump

I did not get around to ink yesterday’s sketch ‘The Chase’ but, I did manage to do a sequel for today.

Jump.jpgPencil sketch for Twitter’s #movemay art challenge

While busy with this sketch I kept thinking that I am looking forward to Summer!

Swimming Fun and The Chase

For Twitter’s #movemay challenge I decided to focus on bringing more movement into my characters and drawings – allowing the illustrations to become more lively.

I discovered the May Twitter challenge (initiated by Artist&Designer Anthony Greentree; @antsgreentree) on the evening of May 1st.

Yesterday, I joined in on the challenge.

The first one
Swimming Fun & Water Phobia

20140503-225125.jpg5 minutes pencil sketch for #movemay art challenge on Twitter

The second one
The Chase

20140503-225333.jpgPencil sketch, wish to exercise inking with this one tomorrow

I will definitely try to create and post daily.

The wonderful thing about these Twitter art challenges is the deadline in ones neck – in this case a daily deadline.

No matter how busy we are with other things, somehow, we are more likely to find – or make time – to create some more art than without a deadline.

The other nice thing about these Twitter art challenges is, it is inspiring to see what other artists create under any given theme.