Thank You!

For today’s #animalmarch a very simple sketch of an elephant and a duckling:

#animalmarch day 28: elephant and duckling. iPad finger sketch made with Paper53, text in white: Over
#animalmarch day 28: elephant and duckling. iPad finger sketch made with Paper53

“An egg, for me?”, asked baby elephant surprised.

“Sure!”, replied duckling happily.

“How did you make this?”, baby elephant asked admiring the colourful egg.

“Well”, began duckling, “after my sis hatched, I glued the pieces back together and painted the egg especially for you, my best friend.”

“Wow!”, said baby elephant moved by this affectionate gesture.

“Thank you, duckling!”, baby elephant said with a trembling voice and shed a little tear of joy.

And in the spirit of gratitude:

Thank you

for visiting, following, liking, commenting and sharing the contents of this blog,

I very much appreciate each and everyone of you.

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter.


Yellow Duckling

Today, a very quick iPad finger sketch of a yellow duckling for #animalmarch day 3 experimenting with the 53 app.

Yellow duckling for #animalmarch day 3 using the 53 app on an iPad

I like the watercolour effect that the 53 app offers. Colour mixing is also fun. Being used to using layers, I did miss them though. Would have liked to make my signature a bit thinner too, but did not find the option to adjust pen/brush size.