In the Name of Roses

Hi there!

How is life treating you lately? I hope all is well on your side of the world.

Today was a really dreary and cold day. The kind of day where all I’d want to do is stay in bed with a hot cuppa chai or a hot almond cinnamon chocolate drink and a good book.

But there were enough tasks to do, and so I got out of bed, took a hot shower, did my daily yoga and meditation and was off to work.


Appreciating the small things in life: roses. Digital sketch made with Ps and Ai.


One thing I got done today was to colour in my roses sketch I did on the weekend as part of the MATS Bootcamp roses study.

Roses are really tricky to draw. It’s like you see something and then when you put it down on paper, that what you had in mind looks nothing like what you executed on paper!

So, I tried again, and again, and again… until, after many failed attempts, I kind of got the hang of it. Or let’s say, I am not as intimidated by drawing them anymore.

In the following are the results of my weekend rose exercise sketches I dare to share:

Wild Roses: Pencil and black ink pen


Rosa Bourboniana: Pencil and black ink pen


And finally, the above shown digital sketch in pencil and black ink pen straight from my sketchbook. I made this one as a compilation of my rose exercise:

Appreciating the small things in life: roses!


I think this weekend and for the moment, wild roses turned out to be my favourite roses.

Not just because they are relatively simple to draw; because they are. But, their simple shape and pink colour tossed around haphazardly in a juicy green bush is so beautifully chaotic and charming. A bit like an abstract painting.

I guess it’s kind of in my nature as a Sagittarius to like all things wild. 😉

The other thing I noticed is, I must have quite a vivid imagination because while sketching, drawing, inking and working digitally on all roses, I had the feeling I could actually make out the scent of the roses as if I were sniffling in a bunch of roses as depicted in the above sketch.

Now where many artists and designers participating in MATS Bootcamp mentioned having had this on their mind ‘Roses are red, violets…’, I couldn’t help having the song: ‘I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden,…’ on my mind.

After a while, it felt a bit like a broken record, I must admit, and I am glad that I was able to knock it out of my mind.

But as for roses, what more can I say than: they are simply beautiful.

May your week be beautiful!


Yellow Duckling

Today, a very quick iPad finger sketch of a yellow duckling for #animalmarch day 3 experimenting with the 53 app.

Yellow duckling for #animalmarch day 3 using the 53 app on an iPad

I like the watercolour effect that the 53 app offers. Colour mixing is also fun. Being used to using layers, I did miss them though. Would have liked to make my signature a bit thinner too, but did not find the option to adjust pen/brush size.

Seal Pup

For today’s #animalmarch a seal pup in another iPad finger sketch:


I don’t believe I will ever comprehend how anybody could have the heart to slaughter these adorable creatures.

I hope we human beings come to our right senses, fast.

Old English Sheepdog

The reason I decided to join #animalmarch on Twitter was to get some extensive animal sketching training, mainly to develop Archi and Medes a bit further.

But, for some reason, I was inspired to do a digital sketch of an Old English Sheepdog today instead.

Theoretically, you can expect a daily animal sketch on this blog during the month of March – I’ll do my best to stick to a daily sketch.

If you have an animal in mind that you would like to see me sketch, please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments below.

Old English Sheepdog for day 1 of #animalmarch

While sketching this, I remembered that way back in time when I was still really teeny tiny (ok, maybe I was just tiny) and living in Melbourne we had a stray dog (Old English Sheepdog) hop into our car at a parking lot.

This dog did not want to leave. And so we took it home. It was an Old English Sheepdog – sweet and friendly – and became our companion for a couple of weeks.

Then, the dog disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared in our lives. Maybe to bring joy to another little family or return to the one it took a short vacation from?

I guess, we’ll never know, mysterious soul indeed.


Catching up with #colour_collective: Rose Quartz, Viridian, Deep Lilac, Naples Yellow & Cool Grey and #MeetTheCCArtist

To fill my creative well*, 2016 began with a thorough detox in a contemplative and meditative manner.

Meanwhile, the desire to catch up with and rejoin the wonderful #colour_collective community arose and I’ve decided to combine all that I have missed out on so far in one image:

Catching up with #colour_collective: Rose Quartz, Viridian, Deep Lilac, Naples Yellow & Cool Grey and #MeetTheCCArtist
Catching up with #colour_collective: Rose Quartz, Viridian, Deep Lilac, Naples Yellow & Cool Grey and #MeetTheCCArtist
Before #colour_collective’s 2016 sequel commenced on 22 January, #colour_collective artists came together on Twitter to introduce themselves through #MeetTheCCArtist on 15 January, 2016.

Something definitely worth checking out on Twitter, in case you haven’t already – lovely art works!

Hm, while writing this post, I’ve just noticed that thanks to my #MeetTheCCArtist contribution, I am a step closer to adding an ‘About’ page to this blog.

Wishing all a lovely weekend!


(*see Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’)