Advent Day 16: White Peacock

A very quick white peacock for today’s #colour_collective colour White and 16th day of Advent:

White Peacock


I had other ideas for White like snowball battles, sledding, snowstorm, polar bears, snowflakes… but somehow, the white peacock was the winner.

However, I feel the feathers are too messy and all over the place.

I will still need to invest more time experimenting with this one.

So, I regard this piece more as a sketch of an idea rather than a final illustration.

I think using peacock in future artworks may be worth experimenting at a later point in time.

But all I can think of now is a hot ginger tea and an Epsom salt bath.



May you enjoy a wonderful Friday evening.

Advent Day 9: Snowflake Whisperer

Snowflake Whisperer: made with Photoshop
Snowflake Whisperer: made with Photoshop

Snowflake Whisperer

With the first snowfall, the girl went to a nearby forest to make a wish.

She did this every year.

She said the first snowfall brought magic with it.

After her wish was made, she’d close her eyes and listen.

She’d listen to the ancient stories the snowflakes had to tell.

No matter when and where,

they always had some wisdom to share.


Something I’ve noticed about the first snowfall of the season: it brings a special kind of magic with it.

I’ve observed how most people’s faces brighten up with a beaming smile upon seeing the first snowflakes descend from the sky.

Regardless of how big a frown they were wearing.

Even if for a mere moment only, a childlike innocence – originating from the depths of their souls – takes the lead.

And, for a fraction of a moment, their inner child can escape its cage and come out and play.

May we allow our inner child to play freely with all the snowflakes and beyond.

Good night everyone and pleasant dreams!




Just a quick post for this evening’s #colour_collective colour Gold:

Reindeers for #colour_collective's colour Gold: made with Photoshop
Reindeers for #colour_collective’s colour Gold: made with Photoshop


May you all be safe and sound and experience an inspirational weekend!

Flowers of Peace

For this evening’s #colour_collective colour Imperial Purple another illustration of ‘Flowers of Peace’.

I figured, we can never sow too many flowers of peace.

Flowers of Peace: digital drawing made with Photoshop
Flowers of Peace: digital drawing made with Photoshop

This world is like a flower…

“This world is like a flower. Each nation is a petal. If one petal is infested, does it not affect all the other petals? Does not the disease destroy the life and beauty of the flower? Is it not the duty of each one of us to protect and preserve the beauty and fragrance of this one world flower from being destroyed?

This world of ours is a big, wonderful flower with many petals. Only when this is understood and becomes deeply ingrained in us, will there be any real peace and unity.

The tug of war between nations is like a tug of war between the petals of a flower. Competition between the petals will only result in all the petals withering away. The entire flower will be destroyed.

Division will only dissipate our energy and vitality; real power is to be found in unity, not in division.” ~ Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) #EmbracingtheWorld

May all beings in all the worlds be peaceful and happy.

Have a peaceful and joyous weekend!

Best Friends

Another really quick one for Friday night’s #colour_collective colour Jade.

Best Friends: digital illustration made with Photoshop
Best Friends: digital illustration made with Photoshop
I was running late with this illustration as I am also busy with #inktober, #AnimalAlphabets (on Twitter), and am preparing for NaNoWriMo.

The thing is, with help of #inktober, I am trying to overcome a writer’s block. It became strange to me that as soon as I ventured to write a story, I simply couldn’t. Whatever idea may have popped up in my mind, by the time I had pen and paper ready (even if it was a matter of seconds) I went blank.

The only other time I’ve ever experienced going blank was during some exams at uni. While the explanation for why I was going blank at uni was clearly a fear of failing and a pressure to succeed, what was the obstacle with writing a story?

Because pondering the source of my writer’s block could take ages, I decided to throw myself into the deep end and just write!

And as Mr Jake Parker says so well: ‘Finished not perfect‘. My goal is to finish a story, not to create a perfect one.

That is why I am treating myself to #inktober. Maybe, I was biting off a bit more than I can chew, because so far, it hasn’t been easy to schedule this tight timetable. But I am sticking to it for as long as I possibly can.

You can follow my #inktober drawings daily on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Have a good night, a relaxed weekend and a great new week’s start!





A super quick post with a super quick illustration for this evening’s #colour_collective colour King’s Blue Light:

'Airborne' digital illustration
‘Airborne’ digital illustration

I need sleep!

Hence, 😉

good night to all, sweet dreams and have an enjoyable weekend!


Celebrating Autumn

For tonight’s #colour_collective colour Orange:

Celebrating Autumn for #colour_collective's Orange: made with photohop
Celebrating Autumn for #colour_collective’s Orange: made with Photoshop

Missed out on last week’s #colour_collective, which was Sage Gray, thanks to a two-day long migraine and a back spasm. Nothing to worry about, though, as I am recovering steadily.

But, isn’t it usually only after a physical system crash that we are made aware of what we normally take for granted?

Every day, this complex construct we call body gets its job done day and night!

And very often we torture it with stupid habits. I tend to sit for too many hours in front of the computer screen, Wacom screen or easel. I tend to push my creative flows beyond my physical limits. And that’s just stupid!

One should always strive for the middle way.

That is why I am also so ever grateful for yoga as it supports a speedy but gentle recovery. I am picking up my swimming routine again, too. I do love to swim but sometimes, when it comes to sports, lethargy or lazy bum behaviour gets the best of me.

As for right now, I shall not exaggerate with sitting for too long in front of the computer straining my head, shoulders and back obsessing over typos, synonyms, and grammar. Please forgive if my writing comes across as sloppy tonight.

And while I am physically limited in terms of how long I can sit in front of the computer, stand in front of my easel or walk around a day, I’m using this time to contemplate and plot my #inktober content (an inked drawing a day in October – for details see on Mr Jake Parker’s website and do consider joining!)

Last year, I missed the boat and only managed to hop on at the end of the month with a couple of Halloween themed inked illustrations.

This year, I wish to create a story – something like a graphic novel or picture book story.

And although the content may not turn out to be a masterpiece, this #inktober shall be remembered as:
‘The one that crashed my writer’s block’.

Hope you’ll join me!

Happy September 2016 Equinox!


Poppy Flower Field

This evening, I combined #colour_collective ‘s Venetian Red and #pinchpunchpost ‘s White Rabbit:

Poppy Flower Field with White Rabbit: made with Photoshop on a Cintiq 22HD using Kyle T. Webster's water colour brushes and Belgian Comic brush.
Poppy Flower Field with White Rabbit: made with Photoshop on a Cintiq 22HD using Kyle T. Webster brushes.

Today’s illustration comes with a little ‘making of’ clip that I posted onto my Facebook page ‘Babybluesnowflake‘.

As for the creative process

First the Idea
Ideas can be tricky. Sometimes, they can be quite difficult to come across, which is nerve wrecking, tiresome and annoying.

I commonly experience idea voids when I am not at ease or experience too much interference and distraction from life.

To be creative takes a relaxed state of mind.

The antidote to absent ideas
When ideas stay away, sitting down and scribbling nonsense can help.

Searching for ideas on the Internet can also help, but can be somewhat tricky too, as it can be distracting as much as it can be helpful.

Long walks are often the best antidote against inspirational meltdowns.

The too many ideas syndrom
When an idea Tsunami strikes, at one point one needs to just pick and work with one.

At least, get the one idea to a foreseeable completion before pondering another one.

I do like working on multiple projects, but they should not only be happening in my imagination.

There is no point in having innumerable ideas if we don’t act at least upon one!

Blessed are the moments in which an idea, including a clear vision of its end result, strikes my mind in a fraction of a second.

Truth be told, these are rather rare situations.

Usually, I have but a vague idea where I am heading to and need to go with what I’ve got.

Whether the idea came easily or not, perseverance and hard work is what gets you to the final goal (illustration, artwork).

Trial and error
Whether the end result is clear or vague, the path is never carved in stone.

There is a lot of trial and error involved. The good thing is, it carries a high learning potential.

Through trial and error, I am often lead to non-anticipated and awesome effects that completely change the outcome of the original image I had in mind.

Giving into a creative process often leads to a better-than-anticipated outcome.

After all, it’s the mind that is limited, possibilities not.

Let go of control and miracles can happen.

Ok, I believe I’ve rambled on enough for this evening. 😉

Good Night World and the Sweetest of Dreams


Origami Boats

For today’s illustration, I was inspired by two different prompts:

The first and familiar one was a colour – this time Thistle – from #colour_collective and the other was by Illustration Friday : Origami.

Origami Boats: Made in Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq 22HD using a customed and Kyle T Weber's Ultimate Megapack brush tools
Origami Boats: Made in Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq 22HD.

The first version I posted on Twitter (see below) seemed a bit too flat for my taste.

So, I added some black leaves (as seen above) to add a little more depth and contrast to the illustration.

First version posted on Twitter for #colour_collective
First version posted on Twitter for #colour_collective

But not sure if either manages to convince me… or maybe I’m just too tired at this point to judge or make a decision – it’s been a long day.

But, what do you think; do you have a preference or suggestions?

Have a good night and may your weekend be everything you wish it to be!