Moon Dance

For the final #animalmarch contribution of 2016 a dancing frog under the full moon:

#animalmarch day 30: Moon Dance ~ frog. iPad finger sketch made with Paper53 and Over
#animalmarch: Moon Dance ~ frog. iPad finger sketch made with Paper53 and Over

For #animalmarch, I wanted to work on developing my animal drawing skills further.

I did not necessarily plan to do it all on the iPad because my previous attempts always resulted in unsatisfactory output and I quickly lost patience.

But this time, I stuck to the iPad and once I got into the rhythm, it turned out to be a really enjoyable creative experience.

Getting used to the iPad as a canvas, getting familiar with the Paper53 app together with my not so precise ‘finger tool’ and discovering the additional options the Over app offered to my sketches ended up being so much fun!

Also, using #animalmarch as an opportunity to push myself to overcome the initial discomfort when using an unfamiliar tool and to face my fears (always a bit scary to leave ones comfort zone) when venturing into new creative territory was a great way to break my creative boundaries.

Of course, there is still much room for further improvement… but then again, there always will be. Just need to take one baby step at a time and remain persistent on the creative journey.

However, this does not mean that one should not appreciate current results and the moment for what it is.

Upcoming Twitter event is #buildapril (organised on Twitter by Anthony Greentree ~ contact @antsgreentree if you wish to join and be on the #buildapril list) where I wish to train my sketching skills of buildings and structure.

I also wish to use this opportunity to study angles of light and shade on geometric forms and shapes, depth of field and perspectives as well as to experiment with focal points.

I believe this skill set could prove itself useful in the long run, especially when I will wish to create more elaborate illustrations.

Well, at least that is the plan as for now, let’s see what will actually happen…


City Cat

For today’s #animalmarch a grey scale iPad finger sketch: City Cat.

#animalmarch day 29: City Cat. iPad finger #sketch #illustration
#animalmarch day 29: City Cat. iPad finger sketch made with Paper53 and Over



Thank You!

For today’s #animalmarch a very simple sketch of an elephant and a duckling:

#animalmarch day 28: elephant and duckling. iPad finger sketch made with Paper53, text in white: Over
#animalmarch day 28: elephant and duckling. iPad finger sketch made with Paper53

“An egg, for me?”, asked baby elephant surprised.

“Sure!”, replied duckling happily.

“How did you make this?”, baby elephant asked admiring the colourful egg.

“Well”, began duckling, “after my sis hatched, I glued the pieces back together and painted the egg especially for you, my best friend.”

“Wow!”, said baby elephant moved by this affectionate gesture.

“Thank you, duckling!”, baby elephant said with a trembling voice and shed a little tear of joy.

And in the spirit of gratitude:

Thank you

for visiting, following, liking, commenting and sharing the contents of this blog,

I very much appreciate each and everyone of you.

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter.

You know, just hanging

For this evening’s #colour_collective colour Mars Violet and today’s #animalmarch day 25 a quick sketch of a red panda:

#colour_collective: Mars Violet, #animalmarch Red Panda, made on a Cintiq22HD using Sketchbookpro, for consistency of look text added with Over
#colour_collective: Mars Violet, #animalmarch Red Panda, made on a Cintiq22HD using Sketchbookpro – for consistency of look throughout #animalmarch – text added with Over

Have a lovely Easter!