The Divine Mother

I might not have right understanding
But I know You are near
I might not understand Your ways
But I am sure I need not fear

In the middle of unforeseeable moments
My heart burns in longing for You
A sensation so bittersweet
Tears swell up from out of the blue

You take my hand
A longing beyond all longings
Caress my cheeks
I forget all worldly belongings

Your beaming smile so warm and gentle
I sink into Your warm embrace
A direct line, a connection transcendental
There it is, Your shower of grace

Drawing me closer and closer to you
You are my love, my courage, my power
Closer, closer into Your presence
My heart opens like a lotus flower

A wake up call
The phone rings
Awareness back
To my surroundings

Into worldliness I am brought back
In midst of a bookshop cafe
Grounding myself into the present
The here, the now, the present day

The connection may be lost
From my side of the line
But Yours is ever open
A constant connection divine

I will keep dialling
Dialling up determinedly
Until I get through
To your divinity

You kept me waiting

This iPad finger sketch took about 10 minutes and I used in total three layers.

It was not an intended sketch. It just happened. I just followed my index finger where it took me.

It was a bit like unwrapping a parcel where one has no clue what’s in it, and in the end, is pleasantly surprised.

Although she does not look quite happy, I am happy with the expression of her moodiness.

iPad finger sketch, SketchbookX, three layers

But slowly I do feel the urge to focus on creating some good old traditional art again.

Strangely, the digital sketching does not seem to be as rewarding at the end of ones efforts, at least, that is the way I feel.

Maybe it is because I am still an iPad digital finger sketching rookie?

Maybe, had I the SketchbookPro on the iPad with more options, I would feel differently?

Don’t really know, but willing to explore and to find out.

Winter warm

Getting ready for a cycle ride in winter

Self portrait, iPad sketch with SketchbookX, two layers

As days get shorter and the air colder it is time to wrap up warmly. I tend to dress ‘slightly’ warmer than the average person in the same temperatures. And I might seem odd to some when they see me all tucked in. But in return, when temperatures rise above 30 degrees I stay pleasantly relaxed while the majority is huffing and puffing in the heat.

But this does not mean that I do not like winter, I love winter, snow and mountains! But it takes me great effort to stay warm, while in summer I seem to have an internal air conditioner. I hardly get too hot, and if I do, I very much welcome this rare occasion.

Regardless of the temperatures and weather, I like to take my bicycle into town when ever possible. And this is something I will do unless it’s raining cats and dogs or there is too much snow and ice on the roads.

But usually, when the general population is dressed warmly I am nearly mummified!

So, this change of season (it might snow soon according to the weather forecast) was my inspiration for a self portrait for #portraitnovember on Twitter. And another great opportunity to exercise my iPad sketching skills.