Team Wolf?

For today’s #animalmarch a wolf; as suggested by Archana of To universe, with Love.

Now, will mother wolf get to join the Easter commitee?

Aaand, where did she get the eggs in the basket from?

#animalmarch day 16: wolf (as suggested by Archana) ~ Team Wolf? iPad finger sketch made with Paper53 and Over
#animalmarch day 16: wolf ~ Team Wolf? iPad finger sketch made with Paper53 and Over


Dandelion field

Although there is little to no sign of Spring, we have the power to let flowers blossom in our minds.

If we wish, we can transfer these images onto paper (or the digital version of paper/53) to share the joy with others.

Or, and best of all, of course, is when we share the flowers of love, compassion and peace – which blossom in our hearts – with flora, fauna and our fellow beings.

Dandelion field for #colour_collective’s Dandelion and #animalmarch, iPad finger sketch with the fiftythree app

Wishing all a joyful Friday evening and a peaceful weekend.

Have an animal sketch wish for #animalmarch?

Feel free to post your wish in the comment section below.

Yellow Duckling

Today, a very quick iPad finger sketch of a yellow duckling for #animalmarch day 3 experimenting with the 53 app.

Yellow duckling for #animalmarch day 3 using the 53 app on an iPad

I like the watercolour effect that the 53 app offers. Colour mixing is also fun. Being used to using layers, I did miss them though. Would have liked to make my signature a bit thinner too, but did not find the option to adjust pen/brush size.

Tropical Easter 

Finally found a wifi! 

‘In the tropics I deliver the eggs and turtle hides them…’ :)

This is the #colour_collective contribution of last Friday. Colour was ’emerald green’. I did not manage to draw more on the go but I will post an Easter sketch I did before my trip that did not get to finish.