Celebrating Autumn

For tonight’s #colour_collective colour Orange:

Celebrating Autumn for #colour_collective's Orange: made with photohop
Celebrating Autumn for #colour_collective’s Orange: made with Photoshop

Missed out on last week’s #colour_collective, which was Sage Gray, thanks to a two-day long migraine and a back spasm. Nothing to worry about, though, as I am recovering steadily.

But, isn’t it usually only after a physical system crash that we are made aware of what we normally take for granted?

Every day, this complex construct we call body gets its job done day and night!

And very often we torture it with stupid habits. I tend to sit for too many hours in front of the computer screen, Wacom screen or easel. I tend to push my creative flows beyond my physical limits. And that’s just stupid!

One should always strive for the middle way.

That is why I am also so ever grateful for yoga as it supports a speedy but gentle recovery. I am picking up my swimming routine again, too. I do love to swim but sometimes, when it comes to sports, lethargy or lazy bum behaviour gets the best of me.

As for right now, I shall not exaggerate with sitting for too long in front of the computer straining my head, shoulders and back obsessing over typos, synonyms, and grammar. Please forgive if my writing comes across as sloppy tonight.

And while I am physically limited in terms of how long I can sit in front of the computer, stand in front of my easel or walk around a day, I’m using this time to contemplate and plot my #inktober content (an inked drawing a day in October – for details see on Mr Jake Parker’s website and do consider joining!)

Last year, I missed the boat and only managed to hop on at the end of the month with a couple of Halloween themed inked illustrations.

This year, I wish to create a story – something like a graphic novel or picture book story.

And although the content may not turn out to be a masterpiece, this #inktober shall be remembered as:
‘The one that crashed my writer’s block’.

Hope you’ll join me!

Happy September 2016 Equinox!


Archi & Medes for #colour_collective

I could not finish ‘Archi & Medes’ in time for last Friday’s #colour_collective, but I certainly did not want to leave the two unfinished:

Archi & Medes und the Sagittarius full moon
#colour_collective, colour: Lamp Black. ‘Archi & Medes under the Sagittarius full moon’: pencil 4B, black pigment liner 0.1, liquid frisket, water colour, rough water colour paper 17x24cm 450 g/sqm

Can you find the Sagittarius star constellation?

Next week’s colour is Mint. Any theme, any medium, anyone. Post together Fri 19:30 GMT+1. Just use the #colour_collective hashtag on Twitter. For more information see @PennyNevilleLee (#colour_collective creator) and do check out the wonderful illustrations that were posted so far.

A lovely week ahead to everyone!

Day 25 of #DrawingAugust

Virgo New Moon August 25, 2014

'New Moon Fairy': Pigment liner 0.2 and 0.3
‘New Moon Fairy’: Pigment liner 0.2 and 0.3
‘New Moon Fairy’ : Pigment liner 0.2 and 0.3, water colours

New Moon Fairy Poem
I am the new moon fairy
and tonight I come to thee
whatever you wish for
whatever it may be
aligned with your heart
and deepest soul authenticity
your wish will be fulfilled
most certainly
If not today
nor tomorrow
don’t give way
for doubt or sorrow
the day will arrive
when least expected
just continue to strive
and stay connected
if you share
your wisdom and creativity
The fairy realms will support you
For that I can guarantee

Happy Virgo New Moon!

Day 9 of #DrawingAugust

My planetary studies of today inspired me to do a little sketch of the ruling planets for Aquarius:

Uranus and Saturn, colouring pencil sketch and pigment liner 0.5
Uranus and Saturn, colouring pencil sketch and pigment liner 0.5

If I find the time to dig a bit deeper into the planets and their meanings, I might develop an illustrated story or comic from it… or maybe a card deck?

Let’s see how the Aquarius full moon will inspire.