Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog Babybluesnowflake!

Originally, I initiated this blog space to undo my writer’s block and my resulting fear of the blank page.

However, as it turns out, I ended up using it for my creative recovery and exploration not only by means of words but in particular by means of images.

Thank you!

A huge big thank you to my followers and visitors for liking, commenting on and sharing the contents of this blog!

You are the light that shines on my artwork. Without you, my art is like the moon on a new moon night: cast in darkness.

As for me

I am an artist, coach and an aspiring writer and illustrator of picture books with a bachelor’s degree in media and communications, sociology.

Besides participating in the awesome Friday night colour fest #colour_collective on Twitter,

I’ve written a children’s picture book titled ‘Miah and the Moon’ and am working on the storyboard, dummy book, and illustrations. Synopsis: Miah is a Moonchild on her first mission. She must ensure the happiness of all the moons in the Milky Way galaxy. All seems well until Miah discovers that compared to the Sun Earth’s Moon felt insignificant.

My inner balance is maintained by means of yoga, meditation, contemplation and a daily dose of laughter (very important ingredient!).

Me in a nutshell


…dedicating my entire time to art, I used to be a full-fledged IT professional (webmaster, web designer, system engineer and requirements engineer) and an editor of an internal IT magazine for an international corporation. Still today, all things techy make my eyes twinkle. Once a geek always a geek?

But apart from my professional and academic background, I’ve always been simultaneously engaged in creative pursuits.

Doing ‘arty farty’ stuff always came naturally to me and always made me happy – still does.


It’s high time now
to swish, splash, write, draw, paint and illustrate away,
because remember to do what you love,
every single day!