Advent Day 12: Mrs Santa’s Chocolate Cake Recipe

I was so tired last night when I posted this, that I forgot to add a few details like pictures of the cake itself!

You’ll see, it’s pretty much what Mrs. Santa is holding in her hands in this illustration.

Mrs Santa's easy-bake, gluten-free, vegan Chocolate Cake recipe
Mrs Santa’s easy-bake, gluten-free, vegan Chocolate Cake recipe


Simple Gluten-Free, Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe

PREPARATION TIME: 40-45 min (excluding cooling off the cake)

What you’ll need:


a large bowl that is comfortable to whisk in

a whisk

a cake form
(I use a 28 cm round cake form, but it can easily be smaller, square, heart-shaped, little cupcake forms, etc. you can let your imagination run wild)


Dry ingredients 

11/2 cups or 120 grams gluten free flour

1/4 cups or 20 grams raw cocoa powder

3/4 tsp baking soda

3/4 tsp finely grained Himalayan salt

1/2 cup or 100-110 grams raw cane sugar

(while typing down this recipe, I had a thought: as the Christmas season is upon us, you might also like to try adding some spice to the dry ingredients like 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder [haven’t tried this yet], or 1/2 tsp of cardamom powder, or ginger powder might also be an interesting taste variation)

Wet ingredients 

1 tsp bourbon vanilla extract

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

6 tbsp coconut oil

1cup or 235 ml of water


Preheat the oven to 190° Celsius

Put the above mentioned dry ingredients in a bowl and stir with a whisk.

Now add all the wet ingredients – except for the water – and whisk it so you get a bit of a smooth wet center in the bowl.

Then, slowly add the water while whisking the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients starting from the center.

The dough should turn soft and gluey.

Sometimes this happens before the cup of water is empty (at around 220 ml); this is when I stop adding water.

Now, whisk just long enough for the dough to have an even consistency.

As it is gluten-free flour, it will not rise as you may be used to with other types of flour and beating it will not make the difference.

Oil the cake form bottom and sides, then add the cake dough.

Put it in the oven and wait for 35 minutes.

That’s it. Done!


VARIATIONS on how you can prepare the cake to serve


Easy-bake, gluten-free, chocolate cake and its serving variations.



You can treat a piece of this cake like a croissant.

This is also why I call this cake a ‘Chocolate Flat Bread’.

It can be simply enjoyed like a slice of toast or a croissant adding your favourite jam  on top (I personally love cherry jam combined with the chocolate flavour of this cake).

If you really looove chocolate, you can also use a vegan cocoa butter spread – it gives the cake some extra creamy moisture. However, for some, it might just be a chocolate flavour overkill.



This variation is nice for decorating the cake.

I like to make heart or flower cut-outs, which I add before I sprinkle the powdered sugar on the cake to create a nice pattern.

You can enjoy this powdered topping cake plain or with jam as in ‘The Simple One’.



On some occasions, you might want the cake to look a little fancier. But due to time constraints, you may still desire a fairly simple cake. Here is what I do:

For the double/triple layer cake, I bake two cakes.

I add a thin layer of jam or icing of choice on the upper side of the bottom cake layer.

Then, I add the second cake layer on top. That’s it!

You can now add powdered sugar as in the above variation or an icing of choice as a topping.


ICING suggestions

80 grams of cocoa butter 100 grams or more (depending on your sweet tooth)

raw powdered cane sugar

Making the icing

Melt the cocoa butter in a bain marie and let it cool off to a creamier state.

Slowly keep adding the powdered sugar and stir it into the cocoa butter (I use a hand blender for this, but it is not really necessary).

Keep adding the powdered sugar until you reach the desired sweetness and consistency.

Variations of the icing flavour

Add 1 banana to the icing mix (add a bit of blueberry or raspberry or beetroot juice for a nicer colour) or

Add a bit of lemon/lime



As I never mix dairy with chocolate (for Ayurvedic food combining principle reasons), all my chocolate creations are vegan.

That is why my icing suggestions for this cake will also always be vegan. 

All produce I use for this cake are organic.


Bon apétit and happy 12th day of Advent!



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