Waves update

Work is still in progress:

Waves (work in progress): Created with Photoshop

Digital Work

Although I’d love to continue, my left hand and shoulder are aching and I am forced to stop. 😦

I do find that drawing on screen is more tedious than drawing on paper or canvas.

I noticed that my eyes and my body get quicker tired.

My neck, shoulders and working hand are more likely to stiffen.

Nonetheless, I do love working digitally.

To solve the body-aching problem, I guess the best strategy is to divide working-on-screen time into smaller chunks and to make physical activity and long-distance gazing a part of the creative process.

Lifestyle Balance

You know, sometimes, I wished this body could just go on 24/7, especially when I am struck by a creative flow (which is very often) and I always risk wearing myself out.

But the body and mind need (healthy) food, exercise, fresh air, (for me also) mediation and yoga on a regular basis, and last but not least: rest.

2017 Resolution

Hey, I may just have figured out my New Year’s resolution for 2017!

Create a more balanced lifestyle.

I will ponder this resolution in the upcoming weeks leading to 2017 and work out the details.

A good start to ensure success could be: sketching out a daily routine where not only projects, tasks and goals to be met but also times for leisure activities, recreation and rejuvenation are listed.

A Need for Improvement

Definitely a personal ‘party pooper’: slacking off on my meditation and regular yoga practices, as well as on my outdoor activities in favour of goals I wish to meet and tasks I feel that need to be done.

But, no matter how much I may be aware of what is best for me and how much I try to improve my lifestyle habits, chances are that I will fall back into old habits.

In such cases, I believe it is important to practice patience with myself, improve strategy and retry.

Set-backs should not be used as an excuse to not try again. We should always try again.


Looking at this illustration, I believe it may have manifested to serve as a prologue, as inspiration for an inner dialogue regarding the desired ‘me’ in 2017.

A dialogue that will serve as a personal blueprint for 2017.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!



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