An Evening in the Tree

For this evening’s #colour_collective colour May Green:

An Evening in the Tree: May Green, made with Photoshop
An Evening in the Tree: May Green, made with Photoshop

Anyone who has ever joined me on walks where a cat crosses my path can confirm, I really do love cats.

Actually, I love pretty much all animals. This used to stress my mother as I would want to pet every and any animal that I came across (excluding spiders).

In her eyes, everything was ‘dangerous’ and in my eyes everything was beautiful. I suppose, at times – on some level or the other – we were both right.

As s child, it would break my heart to see other kids maltreating animals and I would try to tell them how animals should be treated correctly.

I would demonstrate: ‘You see, you should stroke a cat softly like this, and not squeeze it!’ Then, I would let them show me how well they imbibed my ‘teachings’ by demonstrating their newly gained skills (I’m such a teacher, I know).

This did not necessarily always make me the most popular girl on the block. However, animals and I, we always connected. They have so much unconditional love to share. I guess that explains why I love to study power animals and their messages, too.

Each December (which is soon!), I recall the past year, lessons learned, things I would like to improve etc. and see how well I cooperated with my current year’s power animal. At the same time, I also start tuning in to the new year to draw the power animal energies closer that will be relevant for the upcoming year. With all my yoga practice and meditation, this helps me stay grounded.

But, as for cats and me, we certainly have a very special connection. They find me. They communicate with me. Often, when I am down, a cat will cross my path to cheer me up. It always works. They have perfect timing and senses.

May you have a blessed weekend!


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