Best Friends

Another really quick one for Friday night’s #colour_collective colour Jade.

Best Friends: digital illustration made with Photoshop
Best Friends: digital illustration made with Photoshop
I was running late with this illustration as I am also busy with #inktober, #AnimalAlphabets (on Twitter), and am preparing for NaNoWriMo.

The thing is, with help of #inktober, I am trying to overcome a writer’s block. It became strange to me that as soon as I ventured to write a story, I simply couldn’t. Whatever idea may have popped up in my mind, by the time I had pen and paper ready (even if it was a matter of seconds) I went blank.

The only other time I’ve ever experienced going blank was during some exams at uni. While the explanation for why I was going blank at uni was clearly a fear of failing and a pressure to succeed, what was the obstacle with writing a story?

Because pondering the source of my writer’s block could take ages, I decided to throw myself into the deep end and just write!

And as Mr Jake Parker says so well: ‘Finished not perfect‘. My goal is to finish a story, not to create a perfect one.

That is why I am treating myself to #inktober. Maybe, I was biting off a bit more than I can chew, because so far, it hasn’t been easy to schedule this tight timetable. But I am sticking to it for as long as I possibly can.

You can follow my #inktober drawings daily on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Have a good night, a relaxed weekend and a great new week’s start!




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