Poppy Flower Field

This evening, I combined #colour_collective ‘s Venetian Red and #pinchpunchpost ‘s White Rabbit:

Poppy Flower Field with White Rabbit: made with Photoshop on a Cintiq 22HD using Kyle T. Webster's water colour brushes and Belgian Comic brush.
Poppy Flower Field with White Rabbit: made with Photoshop on a Cintiq 22HD using Kyle T. Webster brushes.

Today’s illustration comes with a little ‘making of’ clip that I posted onto my Facebook page ‘Babybluesnowflake‘.

As for the creative process

First the Idea
Ideas can be tricky. Sometimes, they can be quite difficult to come across, which is nerve wrecking, tiresome and annoying.

I commonly experience idea voids when I am not at ease or experience too much interference and distraction from life.

To be creative takes a relaxed state of mind.

The antidote to absent ideas
When ideas stay away, sitting down and scribbling nonsense can help.

Searching for ideas on the Internet can also help, but can be somewhat tricky too, as it can be distracting as much as it can be helpful.

Long walks are often the best antidote against inspirational meltdowns.

The too many ideas syndrom
When an idea Tsunami strikes, at one point one needs to just pick and work with one.

At least, get the one idea to a foreseeable completion before pondering another one.

I do like working on multiple projects, but they should not only be happening in my imagination.

There is no point in having innumerable ideas if we don’t act at least upon one!

Blessed are the moments in which an idea, including a clear vision of its end result, strikes my mind in a fraction of a second.

Truth be told, these are rather rare situations.

Usually, I have but a vague idea where I am heading to and need to go with what I’ve got.

Whether the idea came easily or not, perseverance and hard work is what gets you to the final goal (illustration, artwork).

Trial and error
Whether the end result is clear or vague, the path is never carved in stone.

There is a lot of trial and error involved. The good thing is, it carries a high learning potential.

Through trial and error, I am often lead to non-anticipated and awesome effects that completely change the outcome of the original image I had in mind.

Giving into a creative process often leads to a better-than-anticipated outcome.

After all, it’s the mind that is limited, possibilities not.

Let go of control and miracles can happen.

Ok, I believe I’ve rambled on enough for this evening. 😉

Good Night World and the Sweetest of Dreams


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