Bling Bling 2

I did decide, after all, to do a little tweak to yesterday’s illustration for this evening’s #colour_collective colour Warm Gray V.

Bling Bling for #colour_collecitive's Warm Gray V
Bling Bling for #colour_collective’s Warm Gray V

It was not a big change, but I felt that the perspective was not satisfying as the characters were too distant and kind of got lost in the masses of grey.

Especially, considering the mainly small picture window formats you find online like on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Also keeping in mind that many users do browse their social media feeds using smartphones or mini tablets, images can quickly lose their intended effect when they are too small.

The kids were supposed to be centre stage. The Gold, White and Warm Gray V to harmonise well without stealing each other’s show.

So, I zoomed into the image and cropped what was too much of Gray frame around the scene setting.

Bling Bling for #colour_collecitive's Warm Gray V
Bling Bling: #colour_collective’s Warm Gray V


Illustration Friday: Bling Bling - made with Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq22HD
Version for yesterday’s Illustration Friday

I feel it works better, what do you think?

Have an awesome weekend!

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