Seal Pup

For today’s #animalmarch a seal pup in another iPad finger sketch:


I don’t believe I will ever comprehend how anybody could have the heart to slaughter these adorable creatures.

I hope we human beings come to our right senses, fast.

4 thoughts on “Seal Pup

    1. Thank you so much, Jacob!

      Sigh, indeed it is hard to comprehend. I try to feel compassion (not excuse it though) by thinking that these people are forced to do this as they are struggling to meet the ends. I try to believe that they are only doing the dirty work for all the others that support this monstrous chain of action. But as far as the initiators and supporters of this chain are concerned, I cannot feel compassion as it seems to be rooted in and given momentum by vanity and greed, to say the least.

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