Old English Sheepdog

The reason I decided to join #animalmarch on Twitter was to get some extensive animal sketching training, mainly to develop Archi and Medes a bit further.

But, for some reason, I was inspired to do a digital sketch of an Old English Sheepdog today instead.

Theoretically, you can expect a daily animal sketch on this blog during the month of March – I’ll do my best to stick to a daily sketch.

If you have an animal in mind that you would like to see me sketch, please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments below.

Old English Sheepdog for day 1 of #animalmarch

While sketching this, I remembered that way back in time when I was still really teeny tiny (ok, maybe I was just tiny) and living in Melbourne we had a stray dog (Old English Sheepdog) hop into our car at a parking lot.

This dog did not want to leave. And so we took it home. It was an Old English Sheepdog – sweet and friendly – and became our companion for a couple of weeks.

Then, the dog disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared in our lives. Maybe to bring joy to another little family or return to the one it took a short vacation from?

I guess, we’ll never know, mysterious soul indeed.


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