Still at the Museum

For last Friday’s #colour_collective colour Russian Violet, I decided to do a sequel of the museum scene.

I used gouache for the Rothko inspired ‘expressionist museum painting’ as the colours are more opaque and intense than watercolours.

‘Still at the Museum’: #colour_collective colour Russian Violet
‘Still at the Museum’: #colour_collective colour Russian Violet: pencil 3B & 4B, black pigment liner 0.1, watercolours, gouache, mixed media paper made from 90% bamboo fibre and 10% rag, 24cmx32cm, 265 g/sqm

Russian_VioletViolet was never really a favoured colour of mine, quite to the contrary.

It is a colour I still prefer to avoid. However, meanwhile I do feel differently with other Violet shades like Lavender, Lilac or any type of Violet that has a lot of Red in it.

Some time ago, I had a coat in Violet that I mainly bought for the multi-coloured lining in Orange, Yellow, and Green squared shapes. I adored the lining!

Teamed with say, a strong green or red shawl I was able to make it work for me and made my peace with the coat’s colour.

Generally, Violet on its own makes me not only look rather dull and tired but also makes me feel rather dull and tired.

So coming up with a theme for this #colour_collective colour was a challenge as even thinking about it made me feel rather dull and tired too – or wait – maybe it was really just due to another overly action packed week!

Next week’s colour for #colour_collective is Indian Red 🙂

Any theme, any medium, anyone. Post together Fri 19:30 GMT+1. Just use the #colour_collective hashtag on Twitter.  For more information see @Clr_Collective and @PennyNevilleLee (#colour_collective creator) and do check out the wonderful illustrations that were posted so far.

Wishing all a lovely week ahead!

May all the beings in all the worlds be happy!

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