Last splash before sunset

For last night’s #colour_collective colour Tea Rose a beach scene:

‘Last splash before sunset’, #colour_collective colour Tea Rose
‘Last splash before sunset’, #colour_collective colour Tea Rose: pencil 4B, black pigment liner 0.05, frisket, watercolours, mixed media paper made from 90% bamboo fibre and 10% rag, 24cmx32cm, 265 g/sqm


Tea Rose is such a delicate and soft colour.

So, originally, I had planned to do a bedtime theme.

You know, a cute room, lovely bed with Tea Rose coloured bed sheets, the kids all comfy on or beside the bed as well as Archie and Medes all snuggled up in the sheets.

But then again, with nature supplying so many magnificent colour combinations at dusk and dawn – including Tea Rose – I could not mentally lock myself  indoors and took the scene outside.

Interestingly, upon completion, it felt indeed like I spent a wonderful day at the beach.

Next week’s colour for #colour_collective is Phthalo Blue.

Any theme, any medium, anyone. Post together Fri 19:30 GMT+1. Just use the #colour_collective hashtag on Twitter.

For more information see @Clr_Collective and @PennyNevilleLee (#colour_collective creator) and do check out the wonderful illustrations that were posted so far.

Wishing all a lovely weekend!

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