Archi & Medes for #colour_collective

I could not finish ‘Archi & Medes’ in time for last Friday’s #colour_collective, but I certainly did not want to leave the two unfinished:

Archi & Medes und the Sagittarius full moon
#colour_collective, colour: Lamp Black. ‘Archi & Medes under the Sagittarius full moon’: pencil 4B, black pigment liner 0.1, liquid frisket, water colour, rough water colour paper 17x24cm 450 g/sqm

Can you find the Sagittarius star constellation?

Next week’s colour is Mint. Any theme, any medium, anyone. Post together Fri 19:30 GMT+1. Just use the #colour_collective hashtag on Twitter. For more information see @PennyNevilleLee (#colour_collective creator) and do check out the wonderful illustrations that were posted so far.

A lovely week ahead to everyone!

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