Tropical Easter and posting on the go 

I did not consider how challenging it will be to post on the go whilst changing locations, hotel rooms and backpacker’s lodges every other day… 

Also, finding a Wifi that will allow for larger data uploads is turning out to be more difficult than expected.

Luckily, I did succeed with a #colour_collective tropical Easter theme for Easter Friday (uploaded on Twitter @bbluesnowflake that downsizes images automatically).  

I must wait for the next bus that will leave six hours from now, so I may be able to do another Easter illustration in some café. Can’t promise anything, though.

Also, the upload of illustrations will have to wait until I find some good Wifi connection as uploading images via Worpress does not allow for choice of image size until after the upload.  And unfortunately, cafés in the area not only rarely offer inhouse restrooms but also no Wifi. 

In any case, a big thank you for your patience and for following, liking and sharing my illustrations so far. Always makes me a happy bunny, and speaking of bunny:

Happy Easter everybody! Hope you are all having a lovely time!


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