2015 – a whole lot of ‘news’

2015 is starting off with a whole lot of ‘news’. New job, new people, new clothes, new flat, new studio, new and improved habits, new things to learn, new colours, new styles, new insights, new ideas.

Interestingly, internally it’s calm waters, at least, so far.

One of the tricky things in life, regardless whether we are going through difficulties or pleasantly exciting times is: to keep equanimity of mind and to stay focused on ones goals.

It’s so easy to waver. Wavering seems to be a very human characteristic, but with awareness we can gently put ourselves back on track.

So, as for 2015, January will be dedicated to moving and setting up my studio, whereas February will hopefully be the beginning of completing my art project ‘From the Old to the New Paradigm’… got so many images in my head that wish to be materialised on canvas!

In between completing my painting project and working as an editor and transpersonal life coach I wish to further develop illustrations of and (maybe) stories with the three children (whose names I haven’t given birth to, yet) including the dog named Archi and the cat named Medes.

But no matter what, a central part of my daily activities shall be meditation and yoga and a balanced diet with a moderate but efficient life – work rhythm.

Also, I shall remind myself to laugh a lot, to stay positive, to learn, to have faith, to trust, to stay focused, and – to create, create, and create some more.

With this, I say good-bye for now to retreat to an Epsom bath, to meditate and to get a good night’s rest, for tomorrow, a new flat awaits to be ‘feng shuid’ to its fullest potential!

A big and heartfelt thank you to all of you out there, which dropped by, followed, liked, commented, shared and enjoyed babyluesnowflake’s posts so far! I hope to be back soon.

Good night – and
the sweetest of dreams

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