You kept me waiting

This iPad finger sketch took about 10 minutes and I used in total three layers.

It was not an intended sketch. It just happened. I just followed my index finger where it took me.

It was a bit like unwrapping a parcel where one has no clue what’s in it, and in the end, is pleasantly surprised.

Although she does not look quite happy, I am happy with the expression of her moodiness.

iPad finger sketch, SketchbookX, three layers

But slowly I do feel the urge to focus on creating some good old traditional art again.

Strangely, the digital sketching does not seem to be as rewarding at the end of ones efforts, at least, that is the way I feel.

Maybe it is because I am still an iPad digital finger sketching rookie?

Maybe, had I the SketchbookPro on the iPad with more options, I would feel differently?

Don’t really know, but willing to explore and to find out.

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