iPad exercise – Bunny Cuddle

After about in total twenty iPad sketching exercises I would dare to say that I am slowly but surely getting into the art of digital sketching. This makes it more fun to pursue now, too.

It is still harder for me than using pencil and paper. But it’s also much more convenient when on the go or at night when the lights are out in bed.

Today, I also gave the 53 Paper app a go but the free options are limited compared to SketchbookX. At least, for the moment I shall stick to SketchbookX until I really master all the free options.

My original idea (why I opted for digitalising some of my art) was that I believed it to be a great way to create comics or illustrations for short stories and children books. But it may still be a long way to go before I am digitally as quick as I am on paper.

However, even small steps eventually bring us to our intended destination. And, why delay the beginning of the journey? It may take us places we never even anticipated! So the best time to start is always now.

The following sketch is inspired by my pencil and paper sketch in post ‘Drawing August 26: Good night’. I wondered: ‘After the little girl says good night to the moon, what would she be doing next?’ And in my imagination I saw her sitting on her bed cuddling her soft toy bunny with much love.

Bunny cuddle, iPad finger sketch using SketchbookX, using three layers (for girl, bunny and corrections/fillers)


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