Winter warm

Getting ready for a cycle ride in winter

Self portrait, iPad sketch with SketchbookX, two layers

As days get shorter and the air colder it is time to wrap up warmly. I tend to dress ‘slightly’ warmer than the average person in the same temperatures. And I might seem odd to some when they see me all tucked in. But in return, when temperatures rise above 30 degrees I stay pleasantly relaxed while the majority is huffing and puffing in the heat.

But this does not mean that I do not like winter, I love winter, snow and mountains! But it takes me great effort to stay warm, while in summer I seem to have an internal air conditioner. I hardly get too hot, and if I do, I very much welcome this rare occasion.

Regardless of the temperatures and weather, I like to take my bicycle into town when ever possible. And this is something I will do unless it’s raining cats and dogs or there is too much snow and ice on the roads.

But usually, when the general population is dressed warmly I am nearly mummified!

So, this change of season (it might snow soon according to the weather forecast) was my inspiration for a self portrait for #portraitnovember on Twitter. And another great opportunity to exercise my iPad sketching skills.


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