The Nerd Bird

The Nerd Bird, iPad sketch with SketchbookX using finger, pencil and layer function

While I was busy updating my web design skills, watching Apple’s keynote (being completely thrilled by all what I saw by the way), checking out YouTube tutorials, and reading interesting blogs and tweets…

ok – to clarify: while one can find heaps of nonsense (a matter of definition, I agree) and waste a lot of time on SoM platforms, they can also be a great source to learn to master new skills and update existing ones, and expand or deepen ones knowledge (that is, if one is capable of selecting meaningful content). E.g. on YouTube, many really skilled people share their knowledge with the world and make life for others a little or much easier.

But, I was not only busy with the rational part of me, aka feeding information into my brain, but also creatively inspired to do this little iPad sketch.

Is it not wonderful that inspiration can be found under the most unexpected circumstances!?


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