#paintseptember – iPad experiment 2 – three different results

Since I’ve been busy with rearranging my place and restoring furniture I had little time to participate in Twitter’s #paintseptember.

Although I still haven’t found my pen for the iPad, I thought, it’s easier to experiment on an iPad with colours and ideas rather than on actual paper. Less time consuming than having to pull out all the colours and brushes and having to clean up after the whole process again.

Until I have my own creative studio the iPad option seems like a fair enough compromise when it comes to cutting excess costs of materials and tools as well as time and effort. Say, I have a bad hair day and mismatch colours. The catastrophe can be deleted in a jiffy. No need to waste colours, paper, or worse, canvas.

I think I might consider the iPad a great tool to mind map my creative ideas. Or at least something in that direction… still might need to ponder this thought and how to go about it.

Anyway, after a long and busy day, I did feel the urge to do a little something creative. I did not really know what exactly. So, I stared at the iPad’s blank SketchbookX page for a while, studied the free tools available and began to experiment a little with the available colours, tools, and options (really enjoyed the mirroring option) using my fingers (if I only knew where I put my iPad pen?!).

Finally, my iPad finger efforts resulted in the following three paintings/sketches:

The first one: experiment with tools, options, and colours:

Fountain of Colour, iPad finger painting with SketchbookX

The second one: an experiment with colours, shapes, and layers:

Geometry, iPad finger graphic, SketchbookX

Last but not least, the third one: being an experiment with lines, layers, and opacity:

Lady at a bar, iPad finger sketch, SketchbookX


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