Drawing August Day 30

Stieven with his niece Elien

The struggle
On a train for a couple of hours can be pretty boring. So drawing something comes in handy. But passing time with sketching on a train is not as easy as I anticipated. The constant swaying from left to right and the sudden bumps can be quite annoying. No no, I don’t blame the outcome of the sketch entirely on the train disturbances.

The other struggles
I sketched this from a photograph I had on the iPhone that I had made some time ago of Stieven with Elien.

Stieven has a dark blond to brown beard. Could not quite figure out how to add details without his beard turning out darker than it actually is. Strangely, his hair was easier to do. Need to observe this closer.

But the biggest struggle was Elien. The fact that Elien’s mouth was in a laughing pose on the photograph turned out to be the biggest challenge in this sketch. Then matching eyes, nose and mouth in the right proportion was also not easy. And last but not least it was hard not to make Elien look like a boy.

Sketching from a subject
Well, since I did tell myself that I’d exercise sketching from a subject I stuck to it, although I would have loved to throw the sketch out the window more than a couple of times. But after analysing my situation, which was still having to spend more than enough time on the train without much else to do and with no other idea what else to sketch, I stuck to it.

The result
Well, it is not a masterpiece. However, the two in the sketch do look kind of like Stieven and Elien. So there is a clear improvement of my subject sketching skills, especially compared to the sketch of my friend and her daughter I did for Drawing August Day 3.

What it will take to get to decent results? A lot of regular exercise, discipline to stick to it and yes, patience.


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