Drawing August Day 27

Cat Love II

I really adore cats. I am not sure if cats actually feel this, but they seem to magically appear in my life at the most unusual times and in the most unusual places. At most of the encounters an immediate conversation begins. And, regardless of place and time, we seem to have a mutual language.

The cat of this morning sat in the middle of a path to the left of mine. Upon seeing this little red tiger I decided to take the left path and slowed down as I headed toward her. She seemed like a sparkling little sunshine to me and I was very drawn to her. As I came closer I noticed that she had severe injuries below the front of her right ear. The right side of her snout had a larger layer of skin missing. She seemed to have recently been involved in a serious cat fight, I thought. Poor thing. But the injuries were also clearly healing.

Now there are cuddly cats, but this one was even cuddlier. She was so adorable I would have loved to take her home. She was not wearing a collar, so I was not sure if she had a home or not. I was running late to an appointment and after about 15 minutes I had to leave her and continue on my path. This was not an easy thing to do because she kept blocking my way by squeezing under my bicycle between the two wheels. Finally, I picked her up and put her on the side of the path and said goodbye. This cat was so beautiful and, despite her injuries, seemed of such a happy nature indeed.

I feel that cats are my little animal guides that appear often in real life or my in dreams to remind me of important qualities like waiting patiently for the right moment to jump at an opportunity. Cats are social and at the same time totally independent. This is a strong quality when used in the right balance. Maybe cat would like to remind me to balance when to be social and when to set aside moments of much needed solitude.

Well, and the cat of this morning clearly demonstrated how to – despite an unpleasant experience – maintain a positive, open, and fearless attitude. And yes, if nothing else, cat was my muse today and inspired me to do this sketch for #drawingaugust.


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