Drawing August Day 24


Yesterday, I just could not get myself to do a sketch. It was such a busy day and evening that, even when I did have a moment of solitude in between, it was just too short and I was just too tired to grab a pencil and a paper to draw. So, to my dismay, I did miss a day of #drawingaugust and day 23 will forever remain a blank page. Then, when today started out to be almost as hectic as the day before and inspiration was still a stranger to me I started to get worried I might miss out on yet another #drawingaugust day. But fortunately, the evening hours proved themselves to be more calm and quiet. Finally, after a bit of solitude and a little bit of daydreaming inspiration introduced itself to me again. Moments of solitude followed by a creative flow are such bliss for an artist’s soul.

I wonder, what do you do for inspiration?


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