Drawing August Day 22

Angle experiment, guest starring ladybug.

There is a little spot by the lakeside I like returning to. It’s a wide stone wall where I like to sit. From there I can observe people to the left at a small pebble beach sunbathing and swimming. When I lay down I like to close my eyes and listen to the waves splashing against the rocks just below the spot I take rest. Or, when I sit up and look straight across the lake I get hypnotised by the sun sparkling in the sapphire blue of the deep waters while the wind caresses my hair. Just to the right there is a small harbour where I observe people getting on and off the passenger ships. And on particularly clear days, to my far right I will be able to see the majestic mountains as if they were close enough to touch. The illusion can be fascinating.

Today my usually secluded spot was not so secluded. Very near to where I usually sit was a woman sunbathing. At first, I hesitated to sit where I usually do because of her awkward position and I did not want to boast in on her privacy. But I got over my inhibition. It is after all a public place. After a while, I also decided to lay down and was totally amused by the view and the angle of the lady to myself. I thought I could sketch this for #drawingaugust but hesitated due to thinking it might be too hard a subject to handle. But since this lady was kind enough to maintain her position for a pretty long time I jumped at the opportunity to try something new and get out of my comfort zone. Besides, I did want to do some more subject sketching exercises. I am glad I did give it a go, because, unnecessary fear was overcome and I spent an hour in total amusement while sketching!


4 thoughts on “Drawing August Day 22

    1. Thank you very much! Exactly this is the reason I almost did not take up the challenge :D! This sketch came about due to a series of coincidences. And the hand idea came during drawing because as she changed position once in a while I needed to wait for her to get back in to the original one. While waiting, I suddenly noticed my hand. The composition in the end really surprised myself. It took me about an hour, but it was an extremely fun one.

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