Drawing August Day 20

Peaceful afternoon

Actually, my day was all but peaceful and I already believed that I would not find anything reasonable to portray other than maybe an annoyed smiley face. But in the late afternoon I decided to take my bicycle for a ride and decompress. It was a wonderful idea.
I was told that near rivers, lakes and especially near the sea one benefits from the negative ions that are capable of hatching on to the free radicals in our body helping us to detox. Well, if nothing else, filling the lungs with fresh air, watching the sun dance on the water surface and moving ones bones and muscles a bit – especially after a day in front of a computer – is totally liberating. As my breathing rhythm got more calm and deep I saw an image of how the afternoon could have also been and decided to use this image for today’s #drawingaugust sketch.
I thank the lake, the air, and the sun for granting me inspiration and I am grateful towards inspiration itself, for this relaxing image. It feels like I actually was participating in this peaceful afternoon, which in return makes me feel well rested, balanced, and at peace. And all that is derived from a sketch! But, based on quantum physics, who knows, maybe in one of my parallel realities, this is exactly what I did.
My thanks also goes to you, my readers, for taking interest in as well as for taking the time to read this post.

May all beings be happy!


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