Drawing August Day 14

My dear blog followers, first and foremost a big thank you for stepping by, reading, liking and/or for following my blog, really appreciate it. Then, please excuse the late post of drawing August Day 14.

After a very busy day I visited my dear friends Sanatan, Garima and Govind in the evening. We live about an hour car drive apart and we had not seen for some time. It was a lovely get together and we were immediately engaged in exchanging past happenings, having dinner, chatting away some more and laughing our heads off. Time just passed so quickly without us noticing. Therefore, I really just managed to do a very quick sketch of Govind. But my compliments to him. He sat as still as a statue. Such a great model indeed!

But me however, I lacked focus. And yes, in reality, his nose is smaller. Govind, please forgive! Hehe, but it did cause great laughter yet again. Apparently, laughter is the best immune system booster. I do not remember the exact source of this statement (my apologies to all the hardcore scientists out there for not being able to reference this 😉 ) but if nothing else, and out of my own experience, it is like a fresh breeze on a hot summer day to the soul.

But yes, after driving back home for an hour and writing this blog I feel that sleepiness is kicking in… Wishing all a very good night.


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