Drawing August Day 13

Today the lakeside was beautifully tranquil. The harmony in the atmosphere was hypnotising. I decided to stop with my bicycle and sit on a little stairway that led into the lake. What a rare and great opportunity to enjoy a moment of peace and solitude, I thought to myself. I sat silently and observed ducks and swans passing by with hopeful eyes that I might have some dry bread with me. To their (and my) disappointment I had no treats with me. The water was crystal clear and the sun highlighted the softly rounded stones at the bottom of the lake. A perfect moment in time.

After a while, a mother with her daughter appeared beside me. The little girl was very eager to go into the water. She immediately started undressing with a beaming smile. Her mother laughed and asked whether she seriously wanted to go in all the way. The girl nodded enthusiastically and gave me a shy and at the same cheeky smile. It would have been slippery and not an easy undertaking to get into the water from where the were standing so, I made way to the steps.

I stood back and observed mother and daughter. As I watched, I became aware of the highlights and shades in their hair, on their clothes and skin. I also noticed the tiny waves in the pale emerald green water reflecting in the sun like a thousand sparkling diamonds.

The girl was daring and despite the fresh water she did not hold back. Her mother lovingly gave her support as she took a step at a time. Then, holding her daughter by the arms the little girl took a plunge up to her neck and squeaked joyfully. Her eyes sparkled like a million stars in the night sky and from the mother emanated so much tenderness, love, and joy.

This magical scene turned out to be my inspiration for #drawingaugust today. I feel that – in this particular sketch – I was not able to properly portray the depth of beauty I just described. However, this wonderful scene that unfolded before my eyes today is perfect for the series of acrylic on canvas paintings I am working on. I will certainly develop this lovely and heart opening image further. I feel this to be a huge but immensely beautiful challenge. A challenge I look very much forward to.


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