Drawing August Day 11

The cookie that did not want to open…


So far, #DrawingAugust (see post Drawing August 2013) has been really fun. It unleashed capabilities I knew we’re there, but abandoned for so many years. And although I am still sanding down the rusty layer of years and years of neglecting my creative side: By getting into the routine to doing a sketch a day, and going through the ‘what-on-earth-shall-I-draw-today’ syndrome, I am realising that the source of creativity is limitless! Because in the end, and even if it is a minute before twelve, the treasure box opens just in time and another day’s sketch is produced. There is a total abundance of possibilities. A treasure house of creative riches that still needs to be tapped into. No need for endless replicas of ‘same old, same old’. Time to jump off the beaten path of creativity and to be daring, to be oneself!


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