Drawing August Day 3

The inspiration
Yesterday evening a friend and myself sat under a lovely tree at a restaurant table with a magnificent view and delicious food. While it was still daylight and pretty hot weather, the tree was most compassionate to soothe us with cool freshness and shade. Little did we imagine that the tree was home to a multitude of insects. Until dawn…

Suddenly, we had many flies and moths fainting onto our table due to some lights in the tree. Most of the creatures just seemed very confused and disoriented. Of course their disorientation made them easy supper for spiders.

But it wasn’t until this one particular spider decided to lasso itself down onto my head that we became aware of the spider jungle right above us. It was my friend that noticed the spider’s plan. Despite her arachnophobia she tried to divert it by attaching the spider’s thread to her finger to interrupt its landing plan. She missed, however, so I jumped, she jumped and then the spider flew acrobatically around the table and quickly crawled back up. Spider-Man Junior, it seemed to me.

Of course, we were intimidated, especially after we became aware of the massive spider population just above our heads. I even started to feel bizarrely itchy while I observed a really big fat spider in its web catching its prey, rolling it in high speed into a cocoon, and attaching it to the web for late supper. After this manoeuvre the spider immediately retreated and waited patiently for the next item on the menu.

What this incident triggered in me
I haven’t been drawing comics in a while, but I always tend to see happenings visually. Now, I do lack exercise. I really haven’t been most friendly to the creative aspect of myself (which I am changing). I do enjoy portraying events visually, but, most of the time, lack patience and, of course, struggle with the white paper fear. So #DrawingAugust has proven itself a very powerful event to help remove the rust layer on my creativity. It is time to break free and let the child within have some fun.

The other important message
Now, I did commit myself to ‘redefining me’ and to opening myself up to creativity. Mr. LogicalAnalytical does not like to easily make space for Ms. Creative neither does the mind like giving the heart a vote. I am aware that patience and compassion are very important qualities to use on this journey of transformation, but I might not be always using it on myself. This fear that keeps blocking the flow of creativity might be nothing other than a too high expectation in myself derived from my subjective perception of what is worth the while or of what art should be like. Now, what a more suitable message could Mother Nature have given me but to send me a spider to remind me of what is essential to this transformative period in my life.

The powerful message of the spider
I remembered that spider stands for creativity and for patience. Like spider to its prey, I jumped at the #DrawingAugust opportunity. And, as spider conserved its food in a cocoon I am conserving my creative energy on paper. And yet again, just as spider attached the cocoon to the web, so do I attach the results of my creative efforts to the web via Twitter and my blog. Who knows, maybe spider is also telling me that my idea to create a website for my canvas art is not an all too bad idea after-all. Then spider sits patiently and waits for its next move. So will I, because who knows what other creative opportunities are out there and still to come?! Wonderful! So, it’s happening, transformation is taking place. Interestingly, I did not observe spider relishing the fruits of its efforts, which clearly demonstrates to me that the fruits of my actions need not to be pondered upon and the focus lies on the here and now. In any case, it certainly feels like a good idea to follow spider’s advice on patience while weaving my personal web of creativity.

Day 3 drawing – comic
So, last but not least, this is what this experience resulted in: a comic sketch for #DrawingAugust day 3:



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