Drawing August 2013

No words nor images have been coming to me as of lately.

No wait, I must rephrase.

Many images and a multitude of words have been coming my way. But as soon as I get ready to fill some blank pages with something worth the while, emptiness spreads out in my head. Actually, this is what should happen when one sits to meditate or when one practices yoga. But in exactly those moments my mind has more than enough to say and loves to become very loud. It also has amazingly lot to say when I wish to sleep. Ideas race through my mind like crazy. How malicious!

So, monkey mind shmonkey mind, it can always be overcome! At least, I firmly believe so. Question is, just how much stamina does one need or possess. If one lets muscles rest too long, they get flabby, likewise, the mind control muscle must be regularly trained, especially in times of personal transformation. Because in these times the mind tends to start getting tricky – trickster mind! At least mine does.

So… the timing could not have been better for me to come across #DrawingAugust on Twitter. I discovered it on Jean Steven’s Studio Diary blog. Simple task, draw every day something, anything, take a picture and share it on Twitter with #DrawingAugust. The idea behind this effort is that it takes 30 days to create a habit… Well in India it is said to take 40/41 days.

In any case, this task might be just the right and very much needed antidote to the blank page fear that’s been troubling me lately. It’s certainly worth the try. Therefor, until I find words, or better, while I am overcoming the writing vacuum I shall post my daily sketches here. Maybe in this process words will also come my way. Always keep the faith.

As I sat down to do my first sketch for August, I was confronted with the same white page paralysis. Shoot! But since I did commit myself to a sketch a day, I did not give up, relaxed and decided to capture this moment of personal struggle as a sketch, if nothing else. May not be a masterpiece, but hey, I mastered to fill a white paper with pencil work. And that is yet another step in the right direction.



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