Learning the Language of the Universe

Sometimes life sends us signs. Actually, I believe life sends us very often a multitude of signs. But, being so used to the spoken, written, man-made language; we have forgotten the language of the universe. We have archived it into the depths of our souls and tucked it away.

But then sometimes, our true self, our heart will revolt to its suppression and the language of the universe will make its way back to our awareness. Just like a stream carves its way through rocks, stones and pebbles. The clearest of water, gathering to a stream, accumulating strength, getting dirty, unclear, purifying again, nourishing, flowing incessantly wherever it is channelled, no preferences, simply flowing until reuniting with the ocean.

Now bring your attention to the moment of falling asleep. We experience sleep a blissful state of being and for our own sanity we return there in a regular pattern. Now, if it were that in our state of sleep we plunge into the realms of the universe to regenerate anew at the power source of truth and knowledge, we must be doing it in complete unawareness! For, by the time we awake to our physical existence, we rarely remember much of the hours gone by.

So, let us say, life is but a dream and a dream nothing but life itself in our physical sleep state. When awake and not necessarily aware, we are ignorant to the universe’s language and identify ourselves with the illusion of the world we created through our thoughts and actions.

But then, let us say life itself is just as real as the impressions, colours, images, emotions, people we experience in our dreams. Sometimes we might even become aware of our dream state during sleep and may have even learned to influence the continuation and outcome of the dream.

But now imagine that whether in physical dream state or awake state the happenings are a reflection of our state of mind, our perceived reality, which is nothing but our self-made illusion. Now what if, rather than being the result of thoughts and actions from our smaller, conditioned self, we would allow the heart, the universe to take over and create a divine reality, a reality that is in harmony with an all-encompassing truth. Reality would be nothing but the sum of innumerable possibilities. We merely need to decide upon what we would like. Sounds nice, but the catch lies in the ‘what we would like’ and especially in the ‘we’.

We speak the language of the mind and rarely do we follow the language of the heart. The language of the heart speaks ‘love’. Love is. No coulds, no shoulds, no woulds, no likes or dislikes. It just is – well – beyond duality of which our illusion is built upon.

However, we speak duality and are foreign to unity. It comes as no surprise that we hardly ever hear the universe speaking to us. As children we may have been speaking the universal language all the time, who remembers? Hardly anyone will claim to, for back then we lacked awareness. By learning the language of the universe we are travellers on a journey to wisdom. By daring the adventure we can slowly return to our childlike innocence by knowing nothing and remaining enthusiastic to learn. Wisdom, to me, must be the divine union of true knowledge and awareness, which in its final state is mastery of the universal language of love.

So, once we start to awaken to the desire of communicating with and through our hearts and send out our firm intention to learn its all unifying language, we will hear the whispers of truth, channelled through our hearts, the universe’s incessant song of love and will speak from the source of light. Our actions will then be in harmony with the universal song.

However, the language of our heart – so powerful, bright, unifying, blissful as it may be and sound – we in all likelihood – fear it’s arrival. We immediately fall prey to the whims of our for-survival-struggling small self. Especially, if at this point we object the possibility of fearing bliss. One might object and ask: “Who would not enjoy bliss and all those pleasant things!” But we are foreign to true bliss and know – by experience – merely a dangerous approximation called pleasure, which itself has its roots in illusion and always includes disappointment.

However, by acknowledging fear we can embrace it and attain the strength to recognise it early on, before it can do any greater damage and throw us back too far in our endeavours. Well, let us call this ‘thing’ that fears our ‘habitual self’ or ‘smaller self’, or call it Ego if you like. In any case, it lives of its identification of the common, the known, and the familiar – regardless whether pleasant or not. It is all that we were taught to be, how to conform to the environment, the so-called socialised self. Now while some socialisation may be beneficial to the language of the universe, most of it is not. Learning to differentiate the useful and the useless is one more step on the journey to our hearts. At some point we began to identify with our socialised image of ourselves. And we defend, to date, its place and existence so that we can accept ourselves as well as be accepted by others.

We adapted into our environment like sheep adapt to the shepherd’s lead in the field. Nobody likes the sound of ‘socialised us’, ‘accommodation’, ‘adaptation’, or even the idea of ‘being part of a sheep heard’. Yet, despite our own impression of non-conformism and individuality, when it comes down to it, we ‘sheepishly’ cling to this identification of self as if we would be struggling for survival. Of course ‘they’ all struggle out there. The thing is, we all do, myself included, especially if, when reading these particular words, we believe to the contrary.

But truth be told, the reason why we are on this very planet is because we cannot let go of the clinging to our identification with the illusion of whom we are. But it is never too late to redefine oneself and start collaborating with the universe. It is never too late to become the universe’s instrument, to become a servant of the world. Don’t like the expression ‘servant’? Well, apparently ‘a servant is nothing but a master in disguise’ ~ source unknown. Life will send us signs. Our heart will use all means to speak to us. And, one of the steps towards our hearts is to learn the language of the universe, which ultimately is unconditional love. Once we open up to the universe we will begin to hear the divine song manifest at anytime and everywhere. Love is.

But we must be ready to let go of illusion. We must die to our perception of what we like and dislike. We must let go of what we believe to ‘know’ and of what we believe to ‘understand’ with our minds so we can make space for a reality that is in harmony with our hearts. Only by letting go of who we think we are, will we die and be reborn as who we really are. By dying to our identification with the smaller self we surely pave the way to the eternal connection of our hearts, the true pulse of the universe, which is ever flowing unconditional love.


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