Happy eyes

Little girls, full of hope. They tweet and twitter like sparrows in the bush. In chaotic movements they bounce up and down around me. Sparkling eyes, joyful smiles. Gathering crowds of innocence. Young lives from the poorest of the poor yet so rich in enthusiasm and happiness, teaching me what matters in life: happiness, regardless what.

Their eyes – despite hardship and a lack of what most of us take for granted – reflect hope, love and warmth. In no time they conquered my heart as it melted in their sunlight of joy. I wish them to keep this happiness and all the positive strength to bear life’s trials and tribulations… that they, come what may, triumph in this world with their inner light of pure innocence.

How could I have buried this memorable moment in the the shady depths of negativeness? They taught me a great lesson: Nobody – not you not me – is insignificant when it comes to spreading the light of love, compassion and happiness. We must never forget to decide to be happy and to share this joy abundantly, come what may.

It is in exactly this moment, in which we decide: I am happy! Because, happiness is our true nature that sheds light along the path to our inner freedom.

Girls School in New Delhi, March 2007, written April 2013


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